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CO - Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated C.R.S. 32-1-1004

32-1-1004. Metropolitan districts - additional powers and duties. 

CO - Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated C.R.S. 32-1-1004

Title 32. Special Districts > Title 32. Special District Act > Article 1. Special District Provisions > Part 10. General Powers

(1) In addition to the powers specified in section 32-1-1001 , the board of any metropolitan district has the following powers for and on behalf of such district: (a) To enter into contracts with public utilities, cooperative electric associations, and municipalities for the purpose of furnishing street lighting service; (b) To erect and maintain, in providing safety protection services, traffic and safety controls and devices on streets and highways and at railroad crossings and to enter into agreements with the county or counties in which a metropolitan district is situate or with adjoining counties, the ...

... A metropolitan district may have and exercise the power of eminent domain and dominant ...... exercise of the powers granted, both within and without the special district , only for the purposes of fire protection, sanitation, street improvements, ...... the acquisition of water rights, and, within the boundaries of the district, if the district is providing park and recreation services, only for the purpose of ...... for access to park and recreational facilities operated by the special district and only where no other access to such facilities exists or can be acquired by other means. A metropolitan district shall not exercise its power of dominant eminent domain within a ...... is located within an unincorporated area. (5) The board of a metropolitan district has the power to establish, maintain, and operate a system to ...... 2 of article 1 of title 29. The board of a metropolitan district may not establish, maintain, or operate such a system of transportation ...... 2 of article 1 of title 29. The board of a metropolitan district not originally organized as having the power granted in this subsection ...