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2012 Resolutions

Resolution 1-12 Designated Posting Places for Metro Board NoticesResolution 2-12 Continuation of the Conditional Water Rights for Colorado City Reservoir #2 and the Greenhorn Creek FeederResolution 3-12 Resolution Amending Certain Rate and Fee SchedulesResolution 4-12 Resolution for Supplemental Budget and AppropriationResolution 5-12 A Resolution Establishing Signatures on Bank AccountResolution 6-12 Indemnification of District Directors and EmployeesResolution 7-12 Conveyance of Property to the Pueblo City-County LibraryResolution 8-12 Resolution Adopting Amended Budget and AppropriationsResolution 9-12 Resolution Supporting the Grant Application for the Greenhorn Meadows Park Recreational Complex, Phase IIIResolution 10-12 Resolution Approving the Closure of the West Golf CourseResolution 11-12 Waste Water Enterprise, Forbearance Agreement with US Bank National AssociationResolution 12-12 Resolution Certifying Accounts with the Pueblo County TreasurerResolution 13-12 Indemnification of Volunteer Board MembersResolution 14-12 Issuance and Sale of Water and Wastewater Enterprise Revenue Refunding and Improvement BondsResolution 15-12 Supplemental Budget and AppropriationsResolution 16-12 Adoption of 2013 Budget (Budget Attached)Resolution 17-12 Resolution to Appropriate Sums of MoneyResolution 18-12 Resolution Amending Certain Rates and FeesResolution 19-12 Resolution to Set Mil LeviesResolution 20-12 Resolution Approving the First Amendment to the Loan Agreement with Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority